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Transparent Plinth Set

A plinth isnt just a stand that holds objects, its a focal point of a venue creating display solutions that compliment your event.

Our transparent plinths can be used for a range of things from deco elements to  attractive stands for blowing your bithday cake candles 🎂

Be creative, fill them up with baloons, string lights, flowers, baloons and anything your mind likes 😉

Description; Set of 5 acrylyc round plinths

  Dimensions :

1. 30 x 50cm

2. 60 x 70cm

3. 30 x 30 x 90cm

4. 30 x 100cm

5. 60 x 80cm

Tip ; They can be rented individually, as well as mixed and matched with other sets.

Contact us  for special requests. ☎


250 CHF per 1 day
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