June 2020

4 Simple & Free Ways To Make Sure, Your Event Will Go As Planned


When you are trying to plan a great event, you want to everything perfect so that it all goes as planned.

This can be difficult at times; in fact you will need to work around the clock so that all goes the way that you hoped, that being said; it also doesn’t mean that you should get yourself all worked up and stressed on details…

We will present you FOUR general guidelines to ensure that your event will go as planned and stress-free. 

First things first, BUDGET!

You first want to know what amount you can afford or you are willing to spend on your event on a global level, once you know how much you will then be able to plan out all that you have to spend on your purchases and organization. 




This will give you some kind of start so that you can follow through on it, your budget and guest list (number of participants) will help you divide your budget in different segments of your event such as food or snacks, drinks, decoration, entertainment, party favors and more or less, it all depends on the budget J

It is very important to stick to your budget so that you are not forced to go over or put yourself in state of stress right before your celebration


PS: location is another important aspect, which will influence your budget segmentation and amount, for instance choosing a private location changes all budgeting versus a celebration at home or a park.


Once you have the budget and its segmentation, you now can analyze and decide on what amount dedicate to which segment, right after this you will want to Make a list of TO DO and TO BUY for each segment and that is is the second way to ensure that all goes as planned.

Whether you are modern or old school; it is essential to have an actual list of things to do and to buy, your list can be digital on your phone in application or notes on papers, agenda, make sure that you are checking things off of your list as they are done!

 You will want to do this so that things are done with more efficiency and it will help you leave nothing undone or FORGOTTEN.

Once tried listing style, you will agree that planning out the event is a lot quicker and less hectic when you have a plan to move on with, this also is a good way to stay organized and on track as while organizing you focus can shift between different things and make you loose direction….


The third way to ensure that your event goes as planned is to make sure that you have help.

You want to have as much help as you can so that you are able to make the most of your special day. This doesn’t mean you need hire planners or servers and all you simply can callout friends to help you out in everything and anything from make your lists to purchasing and preparing, you can even extend your radius of help search and get help online on different forum for question such as where to buy what, what to find where, inspiration and etc.

Lucky for you, if some of these friends are going to participate in your party, as they will also be able to keep an eye on thing during the event.




Not only it reveals your stress but it also makes great pre event memories for the intimate circle J


Last but not the least:


You do not want to get yourself worked up too much and look all tired, stressed and tired instead of being the warm smiling host hos


You want to be patient so if any other unplanned matter comes up you can calmly deal with it and handle it when you know that you are in charge of everything you shall let your self relax, something that a lot of people do not do and they will find that they have no fun at their own party. 


DON’T FORGET: You did all this planning and hard work and you should be able to enjoy it as much as you can.

Things may go wrong and there is nothing that you can do about it, this can happen and all you can do is work through and keep the smile on.


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With love

Aysan & Aleksandra