About us


L event A! 
L for love and A for Aleksandra and Aysan. 
As two good friends and quite cheerful ones, we always found reasons for celebrations, tried to turn any occasion to THE occasion and make the best of it :)

Having to face too many obstacles and a limited variety of options, high prices, and everything that turned the most fun part of putting an event together to the most troublesome part of it.

Few clicks and you're ready to go for your party 🆒

This was what made us think of creating a platform where everything related to an event was provided within prices that met the quality, a platform that facilitates organizing and pimping parties without having to pay extra fees for putting a few decorations or recommending a place or program.  
Leventa walks you through all steps of your events and offers additional assistance to simplify the task of being your own event manager!!! 🛎


Looking for deco and fun things to turn your simple events to memorable ones? #LeventaRentals 

Throwing a bridal or a graduation party and looking for props, accessories and anything else that can complete the theme and fit the occasion?  #LeventaShop 
The type who is always looking for a meaningful, special gift for your dear ones and have almost no time?  #LeventaShop 
Let's make every moment worth a memory!